The main advantages that BidiKey offers are:

Compared to the present usual access to the "cloud", solved weakly by using a simple authentication system: "username + password", within the BidiKey system, it is not required to remember any kind of password and security is strongest.

The access to banking services, at present, the "username + password" system is reinforced with the use of a key card (static) and a SMS received on the user's smartphone. Unlike of using BidiKey, this approach supposes an extra cost and requires communications coverage.

Here is a summary of advantages of the BidiKey system:

  • BidiKey is a secure digital authentication platform
  • The user's smartphone is used as an activator of the service
  • It is immune to the "malware“ located in the computer
  • It is based on modern public key cryptography
  • BidiKey prevents the possibility of repudiation of transactions
  • BidiKey reduces the cost of issuing cards and communications
  • The implementation is easy, fast and affordable for the service provider
  • BidiKey is manageable for the client
  • The mobile device can operate in stand-alone (no wireless coverage)
  • The BidiKey System is compatible / complementary with other technologies (NFC)
  • BidiKey is alternative / complementary to the use of plastic cards
  • BidiKey is a secure authentication system for access to online and onsite services

The personal authentication system with encrypted bidimensional codes