Secure personal accreditation system

The BidiKey system offers the security "bulletproof" in the process of personal a thentication, such as in services offered in online or onsite environments, without high startup costs and with the minimum time to market and does not require any devices upgrade!

The BidiKey security is based on the participation of several elements:

A modern Public Key Cryptography, using double cryptography, related to the issuer and to the recipient.

A dynamically generated OTP, that is used once and with limited time validity (from few seconds to minutes, depending of the type of service). The smartphone is used as a "security token".

The intrinsic concept of the system that allows to use compromised devices without compromising the user's security, because:

The BidiKey system achieves "a separate articulation" of two different communication channels, the service provider device and the user's smartphone.

Both channels will communicate by means of the phone camera in a short distance, creating "an optical firewall" between the supplier device and the user's smartphone,causing that this firewall, in practice, is impossible to break.

The complete system fulfills Kerckhoffs's principle, that applies in environments of maximum security in communications, such as in majority cases of militar cryptography solutions, where the attacker is supposed he could know all details of the encryption algorithm without compromissing the security system and where also a feasible process encryption must be achieved to be applied by different persons without damaging the security.

The personal authentication system with encrypted bidimensional codes