What is BidiKey?

Bidikey™ is a personal authentication system with strong security and, as result of a smart software solution application, is easy to use and to integrate into any kind of companies and industries. It can be applied for identifying people and for tracking goods along the distribution chain with anti-fraud guarantee or to ensure the product validity period.

Bidikey uses cryptographic bidimensional codes. These codes are captured and deciphered by user's smartphones, after running the specific BidiKey application.

Also, Bidikey is fully adaptable and can provide a huge amount of services that require persons or objects identification, in a secure way. The intrinsic characteristics of BidiKey allows to use a lot of services with absolute security, both within online or onsite environments.

The high efficiency and usability of BidiKey facilitates the creation and growing of new services that couldn't have been able with other technologies because of their special requests or too high startup costs.

The Bidikey platform is based on the use of modern cryptography, generating bidimentional codes with OTP (One Time Password / One Time PIN) and another specific built in data, protected by the use of Public Key Infrastructure. These codes can only be decrypted in a unique way, that is thru the BidiKey application, installed on the user's smartphone.

The personal authentication platform, using encrypted bidimensional codes